Christian Character, Cognitive Skills,
Critical Thinking, Biblical Worldview
  ​888 Mountain View Ln, Pipe Creek, Texas 78063

8AM -5PM M-F    (801) 388-6804
The Hill Christian Academy
Welcome to The Hill Christian Academy!
We are passionate about our students at The Hill. The idea of building a strong spiritual and academic foundation in our children’s lives is at the core of who we are.



THE HILL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY exists to glorify God through excellence as a Christ-centered learning environment that educates and trains Christ-like servant leaders with a Biblical world view.
"The Hill" is a thoroughly Christian Academy.  The truth of God’s Word is integrated in every subject area, and students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Cognitive Development: The process of acquiring intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving ability from infancy to adulthood. 

Christian Character:  The process of learning and developing Christian principles of character in life that guides and directs judgments and decisions.

Critical Thinking:  We do not ignore the world around us but rather we view the world through the lens of scripture in developing a Christian worldview.